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We proudly claim that the restaurant of Motel “Le Pont” is the place with the best selection and quality of the dishes of local and international cuisines. Very rarely, restaurants are in position to praise the fact they manage to maintain high quality of services on a long run.

In a very pleasant and modern interior of the restaurant, which is equally visited during the day and in evening hours, guest are able to enjoy in specialities of experienced chefs of kitchen. We specially recommend exceptional wine card and excellent selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages. Professional and attentive staff of the restaurant is at the service to guests in order to provide pleasant stay and experience.    

Restaurant “Le Pont” is an excellent choice for organization of business and family gatherings.

Apart of 140 places available inside of the object, additional 70 places are available on the terrace, with the beautiful river view, which is particularly attractive during the summer months.

Working hours of the restaurant is 8-24h, with the services available also to the guest which are using accommodation services on Bed&Breakfast, half-board and full-board bases.


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